Tamish specializes in illustration, character design, creating application icons, GUI,
Splash screens, concept art, backgrounds & layouts, flash presentations, flash animations, graphics & animation for flash games.


About me

Me: Tami Steier
Born & raised in TLV

Work &Education:

Grad school: Bezalel academy of fine Arts design B.A, Fine Arts 94’
All in all : since 94’ -02 : 3D animation & art direction, 3D games & multimedia,
03-07 flash presentations, animations, icons, illustration, concept art, backgrounds and image making,
My babies: My over sixty art students, especially one eighty something rebel & genius artist.
“let it roll” animation – characters & backgrounds ,
My site,
The Superblondes ,
3D digital animation of a female character that was exhibited in a public group exhibition in Jerusalem 1994.
Closest to heart: illustration & character design.

Some Influences:

‘Fantastic planet’, Vangoch, shoaling priests, ‘The Triplets of Belleville’, Pippi Longstocking & Nariko –San, girl of Japan by Astrid-Lindgren , Dr.Suess books (all of ‘em), Greek mythology, all tales & folklore, Elian, the Predator, Giger, Oscar wiled, comix, more…… 

Personal info:

Activities: practice & teach Chi kong Interests: Chi knog, Tai chi, Traveling, art making and viewing, reading,
dancing, meditating, good conversations, walks in nature, camping, theatre, movies range from complete sci-fi trash,
kongfu to heavy European & other Foreign movies.
Aspirations: to take it easier