Tamish specializes in illustration, character design, creating application icons, GUI,
Splash screens, concept art, backgrounds & layouts, flash presentations, flash animations, graphics & animation for flash games.


About me

Me: Tami Steier
Born & raised in TLV

Work &Education:

Grad school: Bezalel academy of fine Arts design B.A, Fine Arts 94’
All in all : since 94’ -02 : 3D animation & art direction, 3D games & multimedia,
03-07 flash presentations, animations, icons, illustration, concept art, backgrounds and image making,
My babies: My over sixty art students, especially one eighty something rebel & genius artist.
“let it roll” animation – characters & backgrounds ,
My site,
The Superblondes ,
3D digital animation of a female character that was exhibited in a public group exhibition in Jerusalem 1994.
Closest to heart: illustration & character design.

Some Influences:

‘Fantastic planet’, Vangoch, shoaling priests, ‘The Triplets of Belleville’, Pippi Longstocking & Nariko –San, girl of Japan by Astrid-Lindgren , Dr.Suess books (all of ‘em), Greek mythology, all tales & folklore, Elian, the Predator, Giger, Oscar wiled, comix, more…… 

Personal info:

Activities: practice & teach Chi kong Interests: Chi knog, Tai chi, Traveling, art making and viewing, reading,
dancing, meditating, good conversations, walks in nature, camping, theatre, movies range from complete sci-fi trash,
kongfu to heavy European & other Foreign movies.
Aspirations: to take it easier
Favorite Music: lots; snow petrol, coldplay, beth orton, james morisson, dido, jhoni mitchel,
coldplay, sondre lerche, the shins, sia, SufjanStevens, Joshua Radin, Edit piaff'krishna dass, cary brothers...
loads more classical, jazz world, tribal etc.
Favorite TV Shows: At the moment stopped watching TV but loved - Love my way, Sopranos, Hex, star trek (all of ‘em)
Favorite Movies: too many
Favorite Books: Negative affirmations, Byron Katie, hunting, more…